That crazy て form


What do you know so far about the て form year 9s? What is it used for? How do you make it? Give me some examples! 🙂

DON’T FORGET JAPAN TOUR 2011 INFORMATION NIGHT IS TONIGHT! Thursday 7th October in room 13/14 at 6L30PM.  If you miss it and want the information, see me as soon as possible.

日本語のべんきょう がんばってくださいね!

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Fantastic New Website!!

Hi guys,

Just stumbled across this website online. It has everything you need to revise hiragana, katakana and kanji – games, flashcards, listening practise etc. An excellent page to bookmark and use every week to keep your Japanese language fresh – even in your holidays! (hint hint) 🙂

Here’s the link – Awesomely epic Japanese website

I’ll put it under the blogroll page links on the right of this blog as well so go there in future . . .

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Hiragana Click and Drag Game

Post your fastest times here by Leaving a Comment.

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Anime Film Festival in Melbourne

I know a lot of you are into Japanese anime films. Well great news!! Nova Cinema in Melbourne are screening 5 Japanese animations for the month of September. You can see all five with a festival pass that costs $45 (Concession) or see one or two individually.

The films being screened are: Evangelion 1.0 (PG), Evangelion 2..0 (PG), Summer Wars (PG), King of Thorn (M) and Redline (M).

For session times and a blurb on each film go to this link!!! Click on the Reelanime advertisment banner for the info on the films. Click on the session times link on the left of the page to get your session times. 

The movies are being screened now until Sept 22nd I think (That’s the weekend school breaks up)


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Year 8s

Hi guys,

This unit we’ve been learning how to say I’m going to ~ (Place に いきます)and also how to say I’m going to ~ with ~. (Person さん・くん と Place に いきます。)

– What places do you know how to say in Japanese? (We’ve learnt about 12)

– Try writing 2-3 example sentences of the above grammar using the Japanese keyboard. Eg. I’m going to the beach with Tom.

– What katakana have you learnt so far? Can you remember the silly ways (pictures) to remember them.

Post as many answers as possible to the above questions by clicking ‘Leave a Comment’. You will need to sign in with your name and a valid email address for the comment to work.

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Verbs – Year 9

So the new focus for year 9s is VERBS. In this unit we will get onto some pretty complicated and, at times, frustrating grammar… But hang in there and remember that any questions you have or problems with stuff we do in class that come up, you can post on here. I hope other students and myself will be able to help.

I have attached to this entry a link (Hope it works – let me know if it doesn’t) to the list of verbs we are using in this unit.

Note that every Japanese verb has an ‘e’ sound or ‘i’ sound before the ます。Eg: きます、かます、はなます、たます、あます.  Knowing this is important as it helps you work out which group the verb is in later on. 🙂

Verbs List Yr 9

Ganbatte ne!

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Verbs, Adjectives and all that jazz . . .

What’s a verb? What’s an adjective? Year 9s need to try and learn as many of these as possible before the end of the year.

There are two groups of adjectives, what are they? Can you join adjectives, make their negative and the past tense? What are the rules for each adjective group?

What verbs do you know so far? Do you know anything about verb groups yet? Can you find out? There are three groups of verbs and it is very important to know what group each verb you learn belongs to . . .

Get some discussion going guys, post anything you know about the above to this entry. (Simply go to ‘Leave a comment’ . . . 🙂

(*** I’ll be noting who adds feedback to this entry for report purposes)


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Language Olympics Results

Well done to all those who participated in the Language Olympics! We had 127 students involved across years 7-9. Our school answered a total of 79940 questions (an average of 630 Qs per student) putting us 189th out of 422 schools across Australia/NZ. This is a great effort, particularly in our first attempt at this competition.

The top 10 scorers at our school (of 127) were . . .

1st: Rachelle McRae – 3121 points
2nd: Tegan Whitten – 1606 points
3rd: Mitch Banks – 1118 points
4th: Michelle McRae – 963 points
5th: Jordan Hartwell-Wood – 823 points
6th: Zac McCormack – 733 points
7th: Taylor Clayton – 731 points
8th: Melissa Robertson – 721 points
9th: Dylan Ryan – 562 points
10th: Ezei Go – 463 points

Congratulations top 10!! 🙂 ;p

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Final chance at Language Olympics!

Time is ticking away . . . the Language Olympics competition officially closes this Sunday. This is your last chance to earn yourself a bronze, silver or gold medal so get online and start clicking!!

Those who have scored 500+ points should be very proud of themselves. 🙂

Rachelle has put in a particularly EPIC effort… I hope you manage to find those last 250 points to reach GOLD Rach!

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Language Olympics Update

Just a reminder that the Language Olympics competition officially closes this Sunday evening.

Some students have been jumping online at every opportunity so they get in the running for the prizes. The top five scorers as of 3pm today at Geelong High are

1st – Rachelle McRae (Year 9) on 1954 points

2nd – Tegan Whitten(Year 9)  on 1486 points

3rd – Mitch Banks (Year 8) on 1075 points

4th – Zac McCormack (Year 8) on 680 points

5th – Dylan Ryan (Year 7) on 549 points


Congratulations guys – good to see some year 7 and 8s give the year 9s a run for their money. 🙂 Keep it up and let’s see which year level will come out on top!

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