Nihon ni ikimasu~!

As some of you are well aware, a group of 27 students and 3 staff are off to Japan in just two and a half more sleeps… We are meeting bright and early on the Sunday morning to set off on our adventure. The 12 day tour will take us to Tokyo shopping districts Harajuku and Shibuya as well as Tokyo Disneyland. Following this we will stay for 5 nights at a culture centre in Hiroshima and take part in various excursions and activities. Our trip ends in Kyoto with visits to the Golden Temple and Kiyomizu Dera as well as a bit of karaoke and of course shopping.


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  1. リー! says:

    hey… how would i find the テ post code thing for sending letters to japan? i want to sent a letter to お母さん from homestay. i have the rest o the adress on the info sheet we got.

  2. Rachelle says:

    It has occured to me that I do not know the group 3 verb conjugation.
    For example how would you change shimasu?

  3. リー! says:

    i just wrote all this down…. and then i accedently hit the x on the tab…. ばか!!!!!!
    ok to start off i have a question. first when saing why do you use the canji or what 何で or なんで?
    Secondly through my mission to study all night, i have ound a few videos (that i have to find again) that i find strange or annoying… and at the same side sort of helpful, and as i dont have facebook to spread my evil mits, to stop me from getting poked by all my fans… and soon to be haters. i have decided to post such my evil acheivement here >:D though, please feel free to post this on face book on the ghs japanese group to spread my evil.
    here it begins.

    i started with ながら and found only this its not very good but someone might find it helpful… maybe

    then I found this… this is a lovly song that will have you dancing around the kitchen in madness… but it is the question words -some little thing on numbers – this is interesting… if u want something to say in a speaking test… but its telling me that i say ええっと wrong 😦 i ur blood type A this might be
    おもしろい verb stuff – – intersting kanji

    couldnt find anything on try to do てみます
    Next i found this of たことがあります。 its really good, it shows every step.

    Sorry if there is anything incorrect.
    Hope this helps

  4. Rachelle says:

    Is the plain negative form of “hanasu”, “hanashita?” and does it mean didn’t speak

    • wildsensei says:

      Plain negative form of hanasu is hanasanai….. which means I don’t/won’t speak. Eg: nihongo wo hanasanai = I don’t speak Japanese.

      hanasanakatta means I didn’t speak….

      • Rachelle says:

        thankyou, was also wondering how to change group three verbs to the plain negative form…i dont seem to have it in my book.

        And what 出す meant and what the kanji stood for as well as 見える because I don’t recall it at all.. unless it has something to do with watching, looking or showing….

        • wildsensei says:

          Group 3 There is no rule for these you just need to learn
          Shimasu – suru (To do) – shinai (don’t/won’t do) – shinakatta (didn’t do)
          Kimasu – kuru (to come) – konai (don’t/won’t come) – konakatta (didn’t come)

          出す=だす=to hand out (eg hand out homework)
          見える=みえる able to see/visible

  5. Rachelle says:

    is “hana” story and when talking about our favourite anime as a child is it “toki”?
    Was also wondering if we were allowed to have english notes.

    • wildsensei says:

      hanashi = story. And kodomo no toki yes.

      English notes are fine as long as you just glance occasionally

        Monty got a raw deal . . . but . . . sweetness follows


  6. Rachelle says:

    First day of school
    1) Good Morning
    It’s my first day of school.
    Have you been to school?
    2) I’m eating toast and drinking orange juice for breakfast.
    3) I’m walking to school.
    4) Ka-n ka-n Bell ringing
    5) My name is Mei and I’m 6 years old.
    6) Let’s study English!
    7) English was interesting and fun.

    1) おはよう

    2) あさごはんにトーストを食べてオレンジ ジュースをのんでいます。

    3) 学校まであるきています。

    4) カーン カーン

    5) 私の名前はめいで六さいです。

    6) 英語をべんきようしましょう。

    7) 英語をおもしろくてたのしかった。
    Just wanted to check if these were correct because I think that some of them are wrong and I couldn’t get the dot inbetween orange juice. Thanks

    • wildsensei says:

      Wow awesome!!! Almost perfect, the only mistake was in the walking to school sentence. I love your use of grammar! 🙂


        Monty got a raw deal . . . but . . . sweetness follows


      • Rachelle says:

        Thank you and was wondering about the monty got a raw deal sentence….

        • wildsensei says:

          haha. I’ve had that signature since 2000. I was a big R.E.M fan in the 90s and my fave album ‘Automatic for the People’ has those two songs on it, ‘Monty got a raw deal’ and ‘Sweetness Follows’. I thought they went well together. 🙂

            Monty got a raw deal . . . but . . . sweetness follows


          • Rachelle says:

            Oh.. it’s just never appeared before now.
            I’m just finishing the illustrations for my manga now and then maybe i’ll colour it. I think it looks alright and I hope the main character looks the same. Oh well, I’m not the best artist and the sentences are more important anyway.

          • Rachelle says:

            was also checking when it is due… tomorrow, thursday or friday?

  7. Rachelle says:

    Didn’t know where to post this so i’ll post it twice. Here and on the About page.
    I was wondering how you would say “first day of school” and if it is any different to “it’s my first day of school.”
    Is first 一じかんめ or is that only for first period? O course I know 学校 is school but I don’t know how to put it all into the sentence. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

  8. Rachelle says:

    Have fun everyone and have a safe flight. Don’t get lost!!!

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