New Games Added

Hi guys,

I have recently found some really useful games for revising your Hiragana and key grammar structures (name, age, likes/dislikes and much more). The ‘Daily Routine’, ‘Honeymoon’ and ‘Speed Dating’ game are particularly relevant to my year 10s. They may still be too difficult for year 7 and 8s…. When you trial each game, be sure to click on the STAR or circle on each page to answer quiz questions. It really is useful practise while being more fun than normal pen and paper. See the GAMES heading on the right hand side of this webpage for all games.

I have also added the Game Creating website so when you want to revise vocab for a test you can use that to create your own matching game. This will be useful for all year levels as you can type questions in either Hiragana or romaji. Another useful one is the vocabulary revision site. You can teach yourself new words under pretty much any topic.

I will trial all these games with year 10s in class next week. Any feedback, suggestions or info on other Japanese games would be much appreciated.

Wildy πŸ™‚

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5 Responses to New Games Added

  1. Wow! This is really cool!

    I’m currently building a website to help people learn Japanese, and I’ve been looking for games like this all over the place! How and where did you find them!??


    ~ J. Pierre, from

    • wildsensei says:

      Hi J.Pierra,

      I always find my games through Google searches and then using a lot of patience… The Speed Dating, Daily Routine and Honeymoon game are all games created by the Victorian Department of Educationt (Australia) help students learn Japanese.
      Let me know how you go creating games and activities because my students and I would bevery interested in taking a look.


  2. wildsensei says:

    Hey Tegan, Need your insurance medical forms for Jap trip in asap so Miss Jacques can send them off . . . tomorrow if possible??

  3. tegan :) says:
    Is the kana game people were talking about the other day.
    This website also has some great resources.

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