Welcome to 日本語 in 2011!

Minasan Konnichiwa!

I trust you all had a good holiday and are refreshed and ready to face another school year! (If the answer is no, don’t worry I’m in the same boat – week one back is always tough).

Anyhoo, we are here now so we may as well deal with it by getting straight back into some good study habits. Please take note and have a go at all five, see how your results improve . . .

Good study habit #1 – Regularly check this blog.

Good study habit #2 – Post questions and comments on this blog (perferably Japanese related).

Good study habit #3 – Join Miss Wild in rm 6 on Fridays at lunch from time to time to practise your Japanese or get some one on one help.

Good study habit #4 – Work your butt off in class and keep your ears open so all the info sinks in.

Good study habit #5 – Go home and revise what we do in class! Test yourself, race yourself and work with a friend/family member.

I hope you all enjoy your Japanese studies this year. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help and please DO try your best at all times. Japanese is an awesome language to learn and know, and if you persist you will all be fluent eventually and be one of those talented people who can speak TWO languages! 🙂

Oh and for those Facebook fanatics, don’t forget I have a Facebook Group for this class too. Just search for wildnihongo as a group and then request to join.

About wildsensei

Japanese teacher at GHS
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6 Responses to Welcome to 日本語 in 2011!

  1. リー! says:

    love the photo! was that on ur free day? 😀 becuase i cant remember that place.

  2. berniii says:

    hey miss, i think i am doing very well with the genkoyoshi paper ! FINALLY! been studying for at least 2 hours now. was just wondering if you could chuck me a few sentences for practice?

  3. Wildy says:

    Just testing . . .

  4. Tegan :) says:

    Hi all.
    Just a quick question, is it ok if i use the kanji for すき(好き)in すきじゃないso it becomes 好きじゃない??? I think it’s ok but i wasn’t quite sure.
    Thanks 🙂

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