Assessment and Reporting . . .

PENPAL SECTION OF THE MAGAZINEYes it’s that time of year guys. I’m busy writing your reports (hint hint) and all of you are madly trying to keep up with the assignments and tests that us teachers are throwing at you. Just remember you only have 5 weeks to go before a massive long break –  use that as motivation to get your butt into gear and finish on a high note – I know I am! (And that last week is a fun activities week so really you only have 4 weeks of work)

So here are a few pleasant reminders of upcoming tests and assignment due dates. Please make note of the ones relevant to you. Chuck a reminder in your phone, write them down in your diary (if you actually use it!) or write it in permanent ink on your forehead.

Year 7  – Listening Test: Thurs November 18th (Age, Phone numbers etc)

             – Speaking Assessment: Mon November 29th (Self Introdcution)

             – YEAR 7 JAPANESE PROJECT due: Thurs Dec 2nd (Self Introduction)

Year 8 – Pop Culture – Magazine Project: Due Monday November 29th JAPANESE FASHION   

              – Reading and Writing Test: Monday November 22nd

            – Speaking Test: Monday 29th November

            – Listening Test: Friday December 3rd

Year 9 – Listening Test: 9BD Tues Nov 16th, 9BA Wed Nov 17th.                   (Counters and verbs)

            – Speaking Test: Monday Nov 22nd (SPEAKING ASSESSMENT TASK YEAR 9)

            – Culture Assignment Due: Monday November 29th (Project – How to Survive a Japanese Homestay)

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13 Responses to Assessment and Reporting . . .

  1. Anna (Wildy) says:

    Well done Tegan and Rach, I think you’ve managed to answer each others questions without my help!
    To say may I open the window in my room: Watashi no heya no mado wo akete mo ii deus ka is correct!
    To say I am not allowed to wear shoes inside the house is: uchi no naka ni kutsu wo haite wa dame desu. (** Note it is hakimasu which changes to haite, need to drop the ‘ki’)

    If either of you need some time at lunch or after school, I can open up a computer room so stop stressing!!!

  2. Rachelle says:

    Oh my god. How do you say that you’re “Not allowed to wear shoes on the tatami mat”
    or is that too difficult?
    Mine is due tomorrow and I was supposed to spend all day on it but then we went shopping and that took too long. What are some statements I can say on what you’re allowed and not allowed to do?

    • Tegan :) says:

      Wow! Ok breathe,
      If you didn’t want to say on the tatami mat you could say in the tatami room, it might be easier. Would it be たたみい(particle?)へやの中にくつ おはきいてだめです。?

      Maybe you could say shoes are not allowed inside the house, I think it is
      うちの中にくつおはきいてだめです。(is to wear shoes in ‘te’ form はきいて or does it mean just to wear pants?)
      Of course there is always allowed to listen to music, not allowed to eat in bedroom(not sure if it’s true of all japanese households) stuff like that…

      I’m not sure if it’s all right but I’m sure you can tell.
      Keep it simple. Good luck.
      Tegan 🙂

      • Rachelle says:

        Thankyou so much. I think I got a headache from worrying so much. I hope what I have said on your posts helps you.

  3. Tegan :) says:

    Hi all, 🙂
    Was working on list of phrases asking permission and was wondering if I wanted to ask: “May I open the window in my room,” would it be:
    I’m not sure if everything is in the right place.
    Thanks Tegan 😛

    • Rachelle says:

      well open is “a KE te mo i i de su ka.” and I don’t think you need the kanji for middle or inside.
      I think that it would be something like
      Watashi no heya no mado o aketemoiidesuka.

      Because it is my window in my room.

  4. (: Jess says:

    Hey, didn’t know where to add this, thought this would be the best place. I had no idea how to change my keyboard to Japanese on my laptop whilst working on my Japanese project, and then I found this website.
    It tells you how to change the settings on your computer to Japanese typing like on some computers at school. Probably will be useful for new school laptops.
    Hope this helped some people.
    Good luck with your Japanese. 🙂

    • Tegan :) says:

      Thanks Jess that was really good.
      I had Japanese but couldn’t get half width, this tutorial helped heaps it had a great link to a tutorial for macs. It’s harder to find tutorials for macs.
      Thanks again

  5. Angus says:

    ughhh, it won’t let me open the “how to survive a japanese homestay” question sheet D:

  6. georgia whiteside says:

    hey miss wild, just wondering that speaking test on monday i think it was, is that for our year 8 class??

    • wildsensei says:

      Hey Georgia,

      You have a reading and writing test next Monday (22nd Nov)

      The speaking test isn’t until the following Monday and you’ll be told about that next week.

  7. Tegan :) says:

    Just wondering, which year nine class is which?
    Thanks Tegan :p

    • Rachelle says:

      Your class is on tuesday. I don’t have class on tuesdays only monday, wednesday and thursday. You have class on tuesday 1&2. I have class on wednesday period 1. Oh and she told my class that we would do ours on wednesday so we can practice on monday.

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