Year 8 Magazine Assignment

こんにちは がくせいたち、I hope you have fun with this assignment! Through research and things we do in class, you should be able to learn a fair bit about Japanese popular culture – in particular the types of sports, movies, anime, music and fashion people in Japan are in to. Make the magazine as original and creative as you can and be sure to USE YOUR OWN WORDS!

Here are some website links that may assist you with your project . . . . There are heaps more out there though so if you stumble across a good one POST IT AS A COMMENT and I’ll add it on!

Manga and Anime                             Hayao Miyazaki

Lolita Fashion

Osamu Tezuka                                   Osamu Tezuka 2

Japanese Fashion                             Lolita Fashion

Japanese TV                                       Japanese Music

Japanese SportOsamu Tezuka's Astro Boy

Don’t forget the DUE DATE for your magazine is Monday November 29th. 🙂


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14 Responses to Year 8 Magazine Assignment

  1. Mitchell Banks says:

    for the music page, can we just do the top 20 song in australia and japan at the time?

    • wildsensei says:

      Hey Mitch,

      The top 20 songs in Japan would be a good thing to includ yes but I want more than just that. Explain what jpop is using that sheet you were given today and try and do a band profile for a current Japanese band. You could also discuss some of the more traditional Japanese music and instruments such as taiko drums and the koto.

  2. joshua says:

    hey ms wild a good website for music is and all you have to do is type in Japanese music in the search bar! i used this site.

  3. Sarah Lloyd says:

    hey ms.wild,
    also, how do you write: “your magazine is cool! i like the games section!”
    bye bye

  4. Sarah Lloyd says:

    hey ms.wild,
    is the word origami spelt in hiragana or katakana?
    my memory has gone blank. lol

    • Anna (Wildy) says:

      Origami splet using Hiragana as it is a Japanese word meaning ‘paper folding’. Only borrowed English words such as our names and our sports are written in katakan.

  5. Joshua Smith says:

    hey ms wild how do i write the price on my magazine? i want it to be $3.50! oh i think i can do you lawns on sunday. Thanks

    • Anna (Wildy) says:

      Your magazine price would be 320 yen roughly Josh. Write it in roman numerals 320 and then add the yen symbol 円. (You may need to find the yen symbol via Google and cut and paste it in if you dont have a Japanese keyboard)

  6. georgia whiteside says:

    thanks for the help with the links 🙂

  7. Samantha Middleton says:

    jealous! why cant the year 9’s do something like this….

    • wildsensei says:

      You would have done something similar last year in year 8 . . . ? My year 8 students made a magazine last year but focussed on one topic in particular such as anime and manga, or fashion. Don’t worry, year 9s this year will be working on a Culture assignment in weeks 7-10 this term which will involve you creating a ‘How to survive a Japanese Home stay’ guidebook. Should be fun and also very relevant to those going to Japan. 🙂

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