Nihon ni ikimasu~!

As some of you are well aware, a group of 27 students and 3 staff are off to Japan in just two and a half more sleeps… We are meeting bright and early on the Sunday morning to set off on our adventure. The 12 day tour will take us to Tokyo shopping districts Harajuku and Shibuya as well as Tokyo Disneyland. Following this we will stay for 5 nights at a culture centre in Hiroshima and take part in various excursions and activities. Our trip ends in Kyoto with visits to the Golden Temple and Kiyomizu Dera as well as a bit of karaoke and of course shopping.


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Year 8 Sushi 8 Restaurant Survey…

This is kind of a test survey using a new website… Just want to know if it works and how the results show up. So yeasr 8s, please fill it in for me! ありがとう

Click here to take survey

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Year 10 Sport Research Assignment

こんにちは みなさん!

スポーツのアサインメントはここですーSport Research Task。がんばってください!

When you’ve chosen the traditional sport and popular spectator sport you wish to research please add a comment to this post with your name and choices.

ありがとう!♥ ワイルド先生

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New Games Added

Hi guys,

I have recently found some really useful games for revising your Hiragana and key grammar structures (name, age, likes/dislikes and much more). The ‘Daily Routine’, ‘Honeymoon’ and ‘Speed Dating’ game are particularly relevant to my year 10s. They may still be too difficult for year 7 and 8s…. When you trial each game, be sure to click on the STAR or circle on each page to answer quiz questions. It really is useful practise while being more fun than normal pen and paper. See the GAMES heading on the right hand side of this webpage for all games.

I have also added the Game Creating website so when you want to revise vocab for a test you can use that to create your own matching game. This will be useful for all year levels as you can type questions in either Hiragana or romaji. Another useful one is the vocabulary revision site. You can teach yourself new words under pretty much any topic.

I will trial all these games with year 10s in class next week. Any feedback, suggestions or info on other Japanese games would be much appreciated.

Wildy 🙂

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Verb, Kanji and Adjective Races as requested. :)

Verb Race

Verb Race, Eng – Jap

Kanji Word Race

KANJI RACE, Eng- Kanji

Adjective Race

Adjective Race, Eng-Jap

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Welcome to 日本語 in 2011!

Minasan Konnichiwa!

I trust you all had a good holiday and are refreshed and ready to face another school year! (If the answer is no, don’t worry I’m in the same boat – week one back is always tough).

Anyhoo, we are here now so we may as well deal with it by getting straight back into some good study habits. Please take note and have a go at all five, see how your results improve . . .

Good study habit #1 – Regularly check this blog.

Good study habit #2 – Post questions and comments on this blog (perferably Japanese related).

Good study habit #3 – Join Miss Wild in rm 6 on Fridays at lunch from time to time to practise your Japanese or get some one on one help.

Good study habit #4 – Work your butt off in class and keep your ears open so all the info sinks in.

Good study habit #5 – Go home and revise what we do in class! Test yourself, race yourself and work with a friend/family member.

I hope you all enjoy your Japanese studies this year. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help and please DO try your best at all times. Japanese is an awesome language to learn and know, and if you persist you will all be fluent eventually and be one of those talented people who can speak TWO languages! 🙂

Oh and for those Facebook fanatics, don’t forget I have a Facebook Group for this class too. Just search for wildnihongo as a group and then request to join.

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Make your own Voki Instructions

OK, year 8s this is part of your formal assessment so follow the instructions carefully . . .

1. Go to

2. Click on CREATE.

3. Go to Customize Your Character and choose your character’s hair style, face and accessories.

4. Now go to Give It A Voice and choose the microphone icon. Record your Japanese self intro using a microphone. (* You can practise doing a Text to Speak Voki if you want, just be sure to choose Japanese as the language for the voice. Your final submission must be YOUR VOICE ON A MICROPHONE)

5. When you are happy with your voice click DONE. If a check box appears click ‘allow’. Go to Publish and give your Voki a title – eg Daniel’s Voki.

6. When you click PUBLISH a screen will come up asking you to create an account – DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT, CLICK NO THANKS AND CLOSE THE WINDOW!!! When it says ‘Your Voki has been created successfully’ just click CLOSE.

7. You should see a screen now with ‘Add to your site’, ‘Send to a friend’ etc icons on it. On this page choose SMALL as the size of your Voki and copy the web URL at the bottom of the page (For MySpace pages)

8. Now the final step at the bottom of this blog entry choose ‘Leave A Comment’ or click where there are …. posts already there.  Add the URL you just copied to your post. If all of this works when you refresh the blog your voki character should work through a link on your post.

Good Luck! If you get stuck along the way please ask.

My suggestion is you do a practise one just saying Konnichiwa and not worrying about the character too much just to see if it all works. I can delete the practise ones later. 🙂

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Avatar –

Hi Guys!

I have just created an Avatar which speaks in Japanese! Check it out, see how much you can understand and if you are feeling creative and have a free moment try making one yourself! Just click on the really long linky thing below to see my Voki! 🙂
Click here to comment on this Voki.
Get a Voki now!

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Assessment and Reporting . . .

PENPAL SECTION OF THE MAGAZINEYes it’s that time of year guys. I’m busy writing your reports (hint hint) and all of you are madly trying to keep up with the assignments and tests that us teachers are throwing at you. Just remember you only have 5 weeks to go before a massive long break –  use that as motivation to get your butt into gear and finish on a high note – I know I am! (And that last week is a fun activities week so really you only have 4 weeks of work)

So here are a few pleasant reminders of upcoming tests and assignment due dates. Please make note of the ones relevant to you. Chuck a reminder in your phone, write them down in your diary (if you actually use it!) or write it in permanent ink on your forehead.

Year 7  – Listening Test: Thurs November 18th (Age, Phone numbers etc)

             – Speaking Assessment: Mon November 29th (Self Introdcution)

             – YEAR 7 JAPANESE PROJECT due: Thurs Dec 2nd (Self Introduction)

Year 8 – Pop Culture – Magazine Project: Due Monday November 29th JAPANESE FASHION   

              – Reading and Writing Test: Monday November 22nd

            – Speaking Test: Monday 29th November

            – Listening Test: Friday December 3rd

Year 9 – Listening Test: 9BD Tues Nov 16th, 9BA Wed Nov 17th.                   (Counters and verbs)

            – Speaking Test: Monday Nov 22nd (SPEAKING ASSESSMENT TASK YEAR 9)

            – Culture Assignment Due: Monday November 29th (Project – How to Survive a Japanese Homestay)

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Year 8 Magazine Assignment

こんにちは がくせいたち、I hope you have fun with this assignment! Through research and things we do in class, you should be able to learn a fair bit about Japanese popular culture – in particular the types of sports, movies, anime, music and fashion people in Japan are in to. Make the magazine as original and creative as you can and be sure to USE YOUR OWN WORDS!

Here are some website links that may assist you with your project . . . . There are heaps more out there though so if you stumble across a good one POST IT AS A COMMENT and I’ll add it on!

Manga and Anime                             Hayao Miyazaki

Lolita Fashion

Osamu Tezuka                                   Osamu Tezuka 2

Japanese Fashion                             Lolita Fashion

Japanese TV                                       Japanese Music

Japanese SportOsamu Tezuka's Astro Boy

Don’t forget the DUE DATE for your magazine is Monday November 29th. 🙂


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